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I am interviewing this week with BATS for a 15 week rotational internship at BATS in NYC, and wanted to know if anyone has interviewed with them before, what to expect.Recently read interesting article whypersonal finance should be taught in schools, but is not.You are limited at most companies from being hired directly into a trading role.As far as other exit ops go, you generally see people stay in trading roles--working their way out of whatever junior role they start in, into a more senior role, eventually running a group or division.Commodity brokers are usually paid on a commission basis, but the business has changed dramatically since the advent of electronic trading.

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If your company is doing any of this business, try to find a way to be in front of the traders who are doing that business and demonstrate to them that you have a skillset that helps them make more money.Sales to smaller customers as directed (as they get more experienced, they get more access to customers and are encouraged to find new ones).You see guys who spend their entire career with one firm, you see guys who change shops every two to three years, and you see guys who start with one firm, leave for a couple of years, and come back to their original firm.Managing freight--rail car billing and tracing, dispatching trucks, container loading and tracing, etc.I can imagine in the byproduct space its more common since a lot of those end us a feed ingredients going to the same end users.LME brokers provide customers access to the market. Secure and effective commodity receipting. Metals. Ferrous metals.May 2015 National Industry-Specific Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates NAICS 523100 - Securities and Commodity Contracts Intermediation and Brokerage.

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Essentially, they are on the phone most of the day working on origination (a huge part of our business and the one that someone inexperienced is least likely to screw up) and booking freight.Broker Assistant-Manage trade desk in fast paced commodity risk management office.Singapore used to be a good trading hub, where the trading companies make money connecting buyers and sellers.Also called: Financial Consultant, Investment Advisor, Investment Specialist, Registered Representative What they do.This year has the potential to cost the farmer millions-not exactly what you expect from a bumper crop.

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Career Overview: Securities Sales and Trading. Brokers and traders build their lives.

A futures broker negotiates contracts for the sale of commodities or securities at a set price on a particular date in the future.The hedge funds that I see hiring from ags and softs are looking for traders with experience in the cash markets who can trade physicals (either for delivery or paper) and futures.Bean acres will be up, yields are probably steady, and carryout will probably be up on the acreage.

Also are there other roles that you would suggest as an entry.Informa reports, especially Feed Ingredient Daily when I was moving more feed products.

Being able to use basic math skills to build Excel formulas for risk management, arbitrage, spreads, etc.It seems to me like ags might be the sole bright spot in this whole China deceleration bearish narrative.

The Commodities team at Selby Jennings offers a specialist service to. committed and focused Commodities Sales and Trading.

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Intern, contractor and hourly pay scale vary from regular exempt employee.

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If you are getting an agribusiness degree you are likely at a school that most of these companies recruit from, so make sure you take advantage of those opportunities.Take your Hungarian salami example--suppose the restaurant contracts directly with the salami manufacturer.Brokering freight, price negotiation, moving around bookings for the best rates, and most importantly shipment management.Search and compare Commodity Broker Salary in Phoenix, AZ by location for free.Employment for personal financial advisors is expected to grow by an astounding 30% during the current ten-year period ending 2018.Compare your salary with the national and state salaries for Sales Agents, Securities and Commodities.Do firms hand out second chances to traders from other companies or do traders usually only get the one chance and move on to exit opportunities.