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Net revenues were up 10.1 percent. Profitability continued at high levels with net after-tax income margins of 16.2 percent. Among value-added warehouse distribution providers (VAWD), Exel and UPS SCS continue to be the major players and both had good growth and improved profitability.

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I have been in this industry for the last 25 years and have never heard of Al Majdoui as a top 10 service provider in this region.( May be.) Without prejudice Definetley the Top 10 are follows.No doubt Agility is fastest grwoing and achieving company in Logistics Supply Chain.

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As on the whole and whole aspect of the logistics is serving the customer with all their need what we named as 3 pl 4 pl and now 7 PL etc.Since these buyers are likely to change their suppliers as cost savings dictate, the 3PLs must be able to manage the logistics flows from any origin to any destination.With out any Doubt, The leader in GCC logistics Mkt is non other than AGILITY.

Individual company results varied with select companies posting strong results.NYK Logistics emphasis is different than other ocean liner-based 3PLs.But the customer care is more important in LOGISTICS industry.

Warehousing and manufacturing supply chain software are completely integrated.Without a doubt, most of what I read or going to be said is biased, impartial and very subjective.

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Building up momentum, company with a large global presence and offering a quality service all over the place.Most of the key events in any international supply chain are controlled by the freight forwarder.

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WITH EXPERIENCE on the SERVICE CRITERIA, Rank 1: Capricorn Logistics, 2: all others.In most cases, this transformation is accompanied by acquisition.An elite group of just 25 3PLs increasingly dominate logistics outsourcing around the world, and that is just how their customers like it.Agreed that in Dubai GAC has better operation facilities but comparing with Agility Logistics, GAC has to expand its operation facility in other Middle East countries.Following the acquisition of Finnish company Wasa Logistics.There are few you have already listed and I would like to recommend the following from Saudi Arab.Ctsi Logistics CTSI Logistics Taiwan commenced. have more than 2000 employees world. and healthcare logistics company in Taiwan representing over 30.No doubt that Almajdouie stands on the top and always been there in the region as a leader in logistics business with vast resources and knowledge.This model is the norm in the U.S., Western Europe, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and some parts of Mexico and Brazil.

Gati is one of the top logistics company in India which has a great network of distribution and supply.Top 50 Global Transportation Providers. top transportation and logistics companies looks at the end of 2016.Wilson maintains its own software solutions, which may have limits for very large global clients.Companies like Yamato, Nippon Express and Kintetsu are leaders in Japan and with Japanese companies all over the world, but they have been slow to expand dramatically into non-Japanese connected western markets.In the fall of 1998, Schenker re-designed its operations to create Schenker Logistics.Top Shipping Lines. is a Korean integrated logistics company and.It has built a multi-client network for automotive parts distribution.

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They are not interested in having accounts where they simply provide transportation management and clerical functions on a cost-plus basis.

Top 25 Third-Party Logistics Providers Extend Their Global Reach.The United Warehouse Company Ltd. in Jeddah Saudi Arabia from the larger Alesayi group has a great potential and must be included.These value-added preferences reflect the global trends to overseas outsourcing, longer supply chains and better information control.Its LMS solution makes it a good transportation and supply-chain manager.Out of the numerous logistics companies based in our region Danzas, Agility and Aramex are quite famous and have huge bases in the UAE.

Even in highly advanced parts of the world such as Japan, 3PLs still primarily perform functional roles.We invite anyone to have a visit to our facility in barka, oman and get the feel.Airfreight operations are its main product, but it is a competent ocean forwarder.

Recent research papers include Warehousing in the United States and Global Logistics Services Providers II.It designs unique, efficient consumer response and supply chain management processes.It is a master of value-added warehousing and manufacturing support.Over the past 50 years, BVC has pioneered in critical offerings suchas Custom Clearance, Logistics Transportation.December 17, 2013. Transport Topics Top 50, an annual survey of the largest logistics companies.Cisco, for example, outsources its production operations except for marketing, sales and high level management.To illustrate this, we can compare revenues of the major players in their home countries.

The Global 1000 companies operating in these markets want global logistics providers that can expand operations wherever they are needed and move from region to region as manufacturing sources change. 3. To quickly grow in size, capability and geographic reach, global 3PLs must expand by acquisition.

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I am guessing that some of the remarks on here are associated with companies that you are currently working for, or maybe had a good experience with.Supply-chain management, airfreight forwarding and customs brokerage account for the rest of revenues.These mid-sized, privately held VAWD 3PLs are often very competitive and are gaining business quickly.Top 10 Logistics Companies in Nigeria including Lagos, Warri, and more.

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For two decades Ryder has been one of the largest U.S. providers of dedicated contract carriage, often converting leasing customers to expanded service.In the transportation management sector those who operate on transactional freight bill models have had a particularly difficult time making money.