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For me if I had another chance I would refrain from this practice and stick to horses or proper trading.I should have looked for the warnings before starting. these people are very Professional what they do.So I decided if they would pay me the full amount I would be happy to deposit a larger amount and continue to trade on their platform.Open an account with Banc De Binary and get a free Demo account to get your Trading skills to work while using practice and play money.

So I decide well it is time to learn and I stop studying for my technical qualification that I write in August, and I start reading and taking down values so that I have some historical data to refer to.I immediately before this trading happened told my bank that I was unhappy about the deposit I had made.If you buy stock and shares you can gain up to 5000% of your investment.I was lucky not to take any bonus and not to trade with them with real money at all.Because all the junk emails are offering the same deals from hundreds of different email addresses and are all related to trading on the internet.Now I was angry but thought that have no choice to recover deposit at least.Then he said his boss has given 5KUSD as a bonus and we will trade.If you want to see the best auto trading system, read about Black Box Robot.The aim I think is for me to lose all of my money, and I stopped trading waiting for my withdrawal.

Also there awards are made up, check out the World Finance 100, they are not even listed.I tried contacting Dave H. by e-mail, he ignored all my e-mails.

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Please get back to me and let me know if that is what you are looking for in my email.Personally, I have decided to give BDB another chance because they are now regulated, their customer service has improved and they have good trading hours on many of the assets I want to trade.It is going for a month now since I made the withdrawal and every time i make an inquiry I am told the same old story.I have also double confirmed with him that if it is merely USD250 before I authorized the payment.Avoid abusive language and personal attacks, directed either at the broker or the author.

The impertinent requesting of private and personal information to open these accounnts, such as: Where did you get your money (I worked hard for my money) and demanding copies of personal documents.If everyone wins the firm goes broke, everyone loses they make a mint.Foolishly or stupidly l believed them and within 20 minutes that manager had wiped my account from 20k to 0. l would like to know why the regulatory body is allowing Banc De Binary to scam people in this way.Check out the demo account proposal from this regulated broker and start practicing on binary options trading.I have been using a 16 megapixel camera and checked all my sent emails and the info was Cristal clear.

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This is just a joke and a scam the (bonus) is just a way to hook people till they loose.If I had taken his advice I would have blown my whole account.

Which was an outright lie that with their skill and help I will achieve the bonus level easy by the time limit as their wasnt any.Well the first question comes to my mind is: Can you even trade with BdB anymore.He then proceeded to wipe out my account in about 5 mins and 4 trades telling me to take 7K trades and then doubling up until I had nothing left.I questioned him if I loose how much time I will need to get the actual money out, he said in few days.Also, if you need guest list access or tickets to a sold out event, you can ask them for help.I knew from the day that I spoke to one of them who called himself Russell Chambers, but that poor Russell barely spoke English.There are people (FPA which I think stands for forex peace army) who will help to get your money back.

Could you tell me how I would be able to get the funds back from my bank please.Ok, moving on, I took a look at their platform which is powered by Spot Option and this makes it easy to use and with enough features to keep both newbies and experienced traders happy.

The news was confirmed by a high-level Banc De Binary official who also informed that the decision was taken by the company owners due to increasing complaints and negative press received by the company over the last years.These people will intentionally deceive you even if you are someone like me, who has never taken their trading advise, and traded successfully to, not only make the required turnover but more than triple my initial deposit.As soon as I woke up a trader was calling me, friendly at first but more and more pushy.I was asked how much I had in my savings ( his opening conversation).The reason I know is that one month of NFP was a total loss on all trades.The first day of trading went,what I thought very well, but then all of a sudden It slowly went downhill.