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I worked with a girl whose husband was a pilot but they got do in debt from him making so little money they started their own business instead.The examples listed here are just a few of the careers to consider in lieu of attending college.Dennis The Menace I would like to comment about the value of a college degree.Rather than looking for ways on how to get rich quick, find ways to make money at home.Movies, commercials, and television shows employ location scouts to find properties where they can shoot their video.However, these are commercial pilots (which requires a 4 year degree).

Getting Rich - Which Is Better: Starting a Home-Based Business or Second Job.Maybe airlines corps are earning too much so they have to find something to spend their money on.

I would not advice anyone starting out to get into this profession Retrieved March 23, 2017, from website.There a drug dealers who are rich living lavish care free lives but that dosent mean everyone should be a drug dealer.Make stock market crashes work for you by taking the opportunity to buy more stocks when they are priced low. 4. Design a New Product.To even be selected you have to have high up recommendations and test high on all written exams, interview with a board of high ranking officers and so on to even get selected to go to the courses.

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In The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets (which I recently reviewed), author Peter Schiff provides a list of the best jobs to beat the economic col.

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Have fun paying the student loans back while you are unemployed.

My flight instructor owned his own flight school, and during the course of my training he went out of business no less than 3 times.And your probably going to have to have that degree as the only place to get the experience and flight hours to even be considered by the airlines is the military and you have to have a degree to be an officer. (Unless you want to fly helicopters for the Army.DG That is pretty sweet but I think a degree is a good investment in the long run.Advertiser partners include American Express, U.S. Bank, and Barclaycard, among others.Brokers are always on call, often work nights, weekends, and holidays, and may experience long stretches of time without generating income.Paul Sloane. 648 Shares. 648 Shares SHARES. Share. More. Tweet. Work in a steady job, cut back expenditures and save.

May 8, 2014 By Michael Johnston 27 Comments. For many, however, YouTube is a full-time job.Craig I can see any job revolving more around personality could lead to big money.The second time, I told them to give my job to the next Indian H1B1 applicant because they obviously had no interest in keeping me.Do they not know that a sport pilot license does NOT qualify you to be a pilot for hire.I would guess, that most of the ones who created the industrial revolution, were educated either at home or in private schools, of the choise of fathers and mothers.But so that everyone is clear, many of these positions require some kind of training.

Kids who are good at chemistry, biology and horticulture should become pharmaceutical technicians, bio engineers, veterinarians, or naturopathic doctors.There are only a handful of people who get rich working for someone else.If you can teach yourself a skill, and you can convince other people to invest in you then you can probably achieve a lot in many professions aside from the ones listed.

Does not require many special permits or licenses to operate.Network managers and IT managers employed by companies have stable, 9 to 5 jobs with good salaries, benefits, and retirement accounts.Most investments will make your taxes soar high, but there are savings and investments that will not charge you with taxes.Corps are not paying that kind of money for people without a degree.

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Salaries vary based on ratings, experience, and type of license (e.g. sport pilot license vs commercial or airline transport) Final Word Believe it or not, many jobs that pay six figures do not require a four-year college degree.

If only I could have started at 16 who knows where I would be today.These jobs are not for every one, they may require living in hostile areas and living in less than ideal conditions for months at a time.

This is the kind of work that needs to get done in every city in.The person writing the article was definitely high on something.Jonquil Heath One of my cousins has been a plumber for over 30 years.Many of my coworkers and managers do not have degrees, yet they make very good money and sometimes the company pays for them to get a degree anyway.Discover 6 Hot Jobs for MBA Graduates These six fast-growing, in-demand jobs include human resources specialist, marketing manager and logistician.

There are so many right now in college buried, literally drowning in debt.My cousin went to school to become a plumber and found that he could nowhere with any jobs.The internet is a great place to look for ways on how to get rich quick.As long as you work your way up from the bottom, you can have even a GED and maybe some college experience, but as long as you have several IT certifications and a great background check and some office experience under your belt as well, you work your way up.Elizabeth I You may not need a degree in court reporting, but you have to have phenomenal skill set to be one.Why should they lie and say everybody in these positions make good money.

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By the time they both retired they had more money between the both of them than my father had made all his life but my dad had a college degree and worked his way up the corporate ladder to retire as one of 3 vice-presidents in sales and marketing of a major corporation.And they all have two hr minimums plus parts and restocking fees.The pay may not be high paying (for a small business) but it is pretty good.The next thing you should do to earn money from it is either through licensing or assignment.With job conditions consistently changing, getting rich after college takes some insight.

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