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The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.Almost everyone knows about Dubai and its vast expanse of riches. Most people think that Dubai became rich due to it being a part of the Gulf,.And few things people have mentioned above that according to them have been missed by the writer.

Like I said, it is not the same it was about six or seven years ago.I have myself noticed, in my travels to Arab lands, that they have invested money as it was something fashionable to them.I think having to land at Terminal One may be one of the reasons my trips to Dubai start horribly.And with that I am done with the ten things I hate about Dubai.The level of investment has decreased when the world was effected by recession.

No wonder Pakistan is blessed with all the weather and a number of resources but sadly we could not take advantage of it.Try approaching them with a smile and starting a conversation.Just look at the way the ruler has carried a barren land to a world class city.A Chinese teenager stowed away on a plane from Shanghai to Dubai in the hope to make his fortune here in the Emirates.

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I have been living in Dubai for 11 years and have never got a fine or a parking ticket even once.

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The weather in Pakistan is much more agreeable than in the Gulf.Within 24 hours of eating my walima dinner, I had landed in Dubai, my hubby drove me home in his shining sports coupe, Dubai felt real good, just the right surprise package, slowly unwrapping itself.There are 7 states in UAE and only Abu Dhabi has the oil and is the capital.It is just an irony for us that even after having so much of natural resources in Pakistan, we does not have the sincerity and vision like these leaders to lift our nation.Racism is so blatant and in your face, a colored person feels better in Australia than in Dubai.

No one gets rude to you unless you do something to make them angry.

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Yeah not to forget Awami Pierre Cardin, Bailman and Ted Lapidus are made in same factory with different Labels.Infinitely they have: Cheap gasoline, Cheaper hotel rooms, Cheapest massage centers and prostitutes.But I assume that not every people owns an oil company. so How do they get rich just by.

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I bet that a display of fireworks is happening right now in at least three places in just Dubai.

Yes, there is racism in Pakistan, but that does not justify the racism in the Dubai, which is supposedly a developed country.

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I have had short stays in Dubai while passing through, done the usual touristy stuff (malls, desert safari).Here I dont do mch, yet we are growing energetic every passing day.Most expensive food in Dubai. saffron and other billionaire snacks are readily available in Dubai.

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The khachra arabs full of attitude are Lebanese, Egyptian and Palestine just stay a mile away from them and if the yell at you, yell at double volume would solve the problem.

Another thing is that the price of the same article in two different shops is completely different.

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Also i dont understand why some reviews here are so negative towards the writer.The only thing not likable about Dubai is that you cannot enjoy if you do not have a company of friends etc.Why do you publish these less than average intelligence pieces on your blog site.

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Does that not reflect amongst the superiority mentality that the Rulers have.

You get fined over small things like parking your car so that the bonnet is slightly casting a shadow on the curb.Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is in the Middle East area.How many times will you go on the dhow cruise, the desert safari or the beach.The problem here is that the labors are not aware of their rights and that is not the problem of the government, they cannot go door to door and make them aware.

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I wonder if this is why some western people love the place so much.

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But back home in their own country, they are different people.How Dubai Became Dubai. and then return to their office in rich, peaceful, stable Dubai. Get our best reporting,.

I visited dubai last august and having come from Europe, the heat was unbearable, even at night.

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Most of the buildings they have constructed no longer even depict Arabic architect anymore.Is this a site for a national newspaper or some place where the entire nations wannabe literary geniuses can come and rant about their sad pathetic lives.It is clearly mentioned in their law so it is not a surprise to anybody, neither they force labor to come here and work, so we cannot call them unfair on that account.

If that would have happened here, the site would have been immediately sealed and the Project Manager would be detained and the case would be open till blood money of 180,000 Dirhams are not paid to the family.The safety standards are for your own good and fines are imposed in order to protect the people.

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Zimbabwe Community in Dubai allows all Zimbabweans living in Dubai and in other. Facebook.

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Dubai is so rich it has its own fleet of man-made islands, and the police force drives Ferraris.What you seem to protray, and what should be the norm, is that this economic success will lead to a better quality of life.The people responsible for building the infrastructure of Dubai i.e. the labourers, have been poorly mistreated by the State and their contractors.