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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.Market-neutral traders tend to look to profit from either arbitrage or spreading different.Managed Futures, Commodity Trading Advisors, CTAs, Research Software, Industry Information, Top 40 Commodity Trading Advisors.

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How a trading programs returns are distributed over time can be very valuable in evaluating a trading program.

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Managed Futures Learn about Managed Futures, their potential benefits and suitability for diversifying your investment portfolio.Managed Futures and CTA Program Performance: Find the right managed futures programs for you with our comprehensive free CTA database.

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The term managed futures describes an industry comprised of professional money managers known as commodity trading advisors (CTAs).

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Efficient specializes in liquid, alpha-generating, multi-trader portfolios.

View 7598 Managed Futures posts, presentations, experts, and more.Try Managed Futures investing with any of these Exchange-Traded Products: LSC, ALT, WDTI.

AQR Managed Futures Strategy Fund: The use of derivatives, forward and futures contracts, and commodities exposes the Fund to additional risks including increased.Before participating in a managed futures investment, an investor should determine his financial situation.

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The CTA Index is not necessarily representative of all CTAs in the industry.Managed futures strategies have the potential to deliver positive returns in both rising and falling markets, and.Customers cannot invest in a managed futures index and the commodity trading advisor selected by the customer may have performance that is substantially different than that of the index.

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Trend-followers use proprietary technical or fundamental trading systems, which provide signals of when to.Looking for an alternative or an addition to your current investments.Investment management professionals have been using managed futures for more than 30 years.This website has been prepared as a solicitation for managed futures.A major reason for the exponential growth of Managed Futures over the last decade can be attributed to the increased demand for diversification opportunities.Contact us today to determine if these alternative investments can help you meet your objectives.CTA, is the returns an investment program has generated in the past.

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Managed futures by there very nature provide a diversified investment opportunity.