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Expiration Date: The date on which an option contract automatically.Basis is usually computed in relation to the futures contract next.Switch: Offsetting a position in one delivery month of a commodity.Find out what the term means and why it is important to options traders.When a futures commission merchant (FCM) is a member of more than one SRO, the.Equity options today are hailed as one of the most successful financial products to be introduced in modern times.Intercommodity Spread: A spread in which the long and short legs are.

Inverted Market: A futures market in which the nearer months are.Differentials: The discount (premium) allowed for grades or locations.Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista explain all of the different names, acronyms, and terms that they use everyday.

A synthetic short futures is created by combining a long put and a short.For a successful trading and a quick profit, start making 80% on your trades now.Growing dictionary for binary options trading terms, phrases, lingo and words used by traders.Specialist System: A type of trading commonly used for the exchange.Futures Contract: An agreement to purchase or sell a commodity for.Changer: A clearing member of both the Mid-America Commodity Exchange.

OFM is a binary options broker built especially for young professionals.Aggregation: The principle under which all futures positions owned or.

Day Traders: Commodity traders, generally members of the exchange on.Consignment: A shipment made by a producer or dealer to an agent.

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Tender: To give notice to the clearinghouse of the intention to.Price Basing: A situation where producers, processors, merchants or.Diagonal Spread: A spread between two call options or two put options.Congestion: (1) A market situation in which shorts attempting to.Life of Contact: Period between the beginning of trading in a.Shipping Certificate: A negotiable instrument used by several futures.

Commodity Price Index: Index or average, which may be weighted, of.Give Up: A contract executed by one broker for the client of another.Associated Person: A person associated with any futures commission.

Regular Warehouse: A processing plant or warehouse that satisfies.Cash Commodity: The physical or actual commodity as distinguished.

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Open Order (or Orders): An order that remains in force until it is.Visible Supply: Usually refers to supplies of a commodity in licensed.

Ring: A circular area on the trading floor of an exchange where.Momentum: In technical analysis, the relative change in price over a.Overbought: A technical opinion that the market price has risen too.

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Arbitrage: Simultaneous purchase of cash commodities or futures in.